“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life”
Bill Gates

LPE Poland

is a modern consulting company that offers digital transformation and industrial revolution 4.0 solutions. We specialize in designing, implementing and optimizing self-service solutions for employees and customers. We implement software robots, ChatBots, VoiceBots and SmartBots across all processes and channels used by your employees and customers. All this to provide with more effective service and proactive support in finding foolproof solutions and making quick decisions, for example regarding purchases. We effectively support our clients facing challenges in the field of Digital Transformation. We help manage change and optimize processes and tasks for the 21st century.

Who are we?

LPE Poland is a team of consultants. Our great asset is long-standing experience in conducting audits, strategic consulting, industry knowledge and marketing competences. The unique combination of all these elements and the digital transformation that we have undergone has resulted in skills and tools that allow us to effectively help our clients face challenges, and to save their time and money.

What do we do?

We assist companies in taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. And in this, we achieve excellent results – and that’s because we operate comprehensively! Our strategy is coherent and comprehensive. It consists of combining and analyzing various data as part of an audit. Based on this analysis, we present the client with different proposals for IT solutions that can solve the client’s issues and bring him closer to fulfilling their goals. This is followed by implementing the selected software dedicated to the company and optimizing processes and tasks.

What do we offer?

  • Expert knowledge in the field of creating solutions tailored to various issues related to the company’s operations or customer service.

  • The new technology tools that you need to be successful: Bot4Me, ChatBot 4Me, VoiceBot 4Me and SmartBot 4

  • Professional technical support from the best service experts that will improve the productivity of your organization and the experience of employees and customers.

How do we work?

  • Research – When dealing with process and task automation, we seek the possible sources for the future success of your company.

  • Construction – We develop dedicated, flexible solutions in the field of automated communication and customer, and employee self-service.

  • Implementation – We implement unconventional and flexible programming solutions using software robots and conversational artificial intelligence.

  • Optimization – We collect and analyze the obtained data, improving the accuracy, efficiency, time and quality of the answers provided.

What areas of customer and employee support do we automate?

  • Handling inquiries from external customers, internal service teams or employees

  • Monitoring tasks, processes and customer and employee behavior

  • Training support and development of an internal knowledge base.

Our offer

In the modern world, the competitiveness of companies and the effectiveness of their activities largely depend on the pace of adaptation to rapidly changing technological changes. The main objective that LPE Poland has set for itself is not only to help companies learn the ins and outs of the digitization process and achieve digital maturity, but above all to develop effective solutions and the execute their implementation.

Our portfolio features several interesting IT products that can facilitate work, generate profits and cut down operating costs:

  • Bot4me – process and task automation
  • Optisender – price optimization of courier shipments
  • IoT – smart home and the Internet of Things
    Streamline – supply chain planning
  • Gordion purchases – optimization of the purchasing process
  • Gordion planning – demand planning and inventory optimization

LPE Poland is all about:

Task and process automation

We improve work by providing efficient and effective virtual staff.

Cost saving

We support the experience and profits generated by employees, while reducing operating costs.

Competitive edge

We provide organizations with hi-tech tools to enter a higher level of development and gain a dominant role in business.


Communication form

We provide uninterrupted customer and employee service that never sleeps and reacts at any time of day or night.