Voice assistant for the medical industry – “AI Alice”

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Enter the exciting world of AI-based solutions as part of our product offering for medical facilities. We would like to interest you particularly in the “AI Alice” voice assistant, called “Alice” for short.

In a health center In the clinic In the hospital In a medical facility
In a health center In the clinic In the hospital In a medical facility
What is the “Alice” voice assistant?

It is a multi-channel reminder application that automates the patient scheduling process to coordinate appointments in a way that boosts efficiency and improves patient satisfaction, while reducing no-shows by up to 50%.

What problems does “Alice” solve for medical facilities?

Patients missing appointments are serious problems for physicians, clinics, medical practices, and hospitals. Our tool is designed to help address this problem through automatic communication with the patient through multiple channels and in the language of their choice. “Alice” provides appointment scheduling and confirmation features that can be easily synchronised with the physician’s diary or eDM software to facilitate patient flow in order to achieve a smoother and more automated patient service process.

Why are doctor appointment reminders important?

Patients live under increasing stress and often miss their appointments. Our application sends appointment reminders to patients through multiple channels based on the patient’s demographic group and past behaviour patterns, making communication effective and increasing attendance rates.

Who is the “AI Alice” voice assistant for?

The “Alice” voice assistant confirms medical appointments, while also offering support for front desk and call centre staff in order to ensure and automate communication with customers through multiple channels.

“AI Alice” arranges and confirms medical appointments.

“AI Alice”, a voice assistant for arranging and confirming medical appointments – how does it work?

A voice assistant is a computer programme that uses speech recognition technology to interact with patients.

The patient can use the voice assistant service by calling a dedicated phone number or using a mobile application.

The voice assistant starts a conversation with the patient, asking about the purpose of the appointment, preferred date and other information.

The voice assistant can use the information stored in the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) systems to book an appointment at a time that suits the patient.

After selecting the appointment date, the voice assistant confirms the appointment and then sends reminders about any necessary documents and other information useful for the doctor.

The voice assistant can also send the patient a text message or e-mail reminder before the appointment to ensure that the patient does not forget about the appointment.

The voice assistant can automatically cancel the appointment if the patient fails to confirm it within a specific time-limit.

The patient can use the voice assistant to book or cancel an appointment, with full scheduling flexibility.

Appointment data is recorded in the EMR or CRM system to allow medical staff to easily manage patient flow and prevent vacant slots.

Top 10 Benefits of the “AI Alice” voice assistant

The voice assistant allows you to automate the processes of appointment booking and confirmation to eliminate the need for extra administrative staff.

The voice assistant allows faster and more efficient booking to reduce the number of cancellations, resulting in a better rate of resource utilisation by patients.

The voice assistant is available 24/7, which means patients can make appointments at a time convenient to them, increasing patient comfort and satisfaction.

The voice assistant customises the process of medical appointment booking in terms of preferred dates, providers and health centres.

The voice assistant can cut back on front desk service costs, boost efficiency and reduce the number of booking errors.

The voice assistant allows easier patient access to medical services and shortens the patient wait time to improve patient loyalty.

The voice assistant can be integrated with booking systems in order to allow you to automatically add appointments to your medical schedule.

The voice assistant is easy to use and requires no technical expertise, allowing you to increase work flow efficiency when making appointments.

The voice assistant can help optimise the working time of medical staff as there is no need to spend time answering phone calls.

The voice assistant builds a positive image of a medical facility by effectively managing the process of appointment confirmation.

Voice assistant vs robo-call

A voice assistant is a more advanced and interactive tool for front desk management in a medical facility, offering more flexibility to improve patient experience, while robo-call only provides information about the agreed appointment time.

Voice assistant:

It is a computer programme that uses speech recognition technology to interact with patients.

It is able to talk to the patient and ask for the necessary appointment information.

It provides flexible schedule management, including booking, rescheduling and cancellation.

It sends appointment reminders to help prevent unnecessary downtime and time waste.

It saves appointment information in the EMR or CRM system in an approach that is more easily manageable and staff-friendly.

It improves patient experience and medical service efficiency.


It is an automated calling system that sends voice recordings to large groups of responders.

It cannot talk to the patient, it only plays back pre-recorded messages.

It does not allow flexible management of appointments, but only sends appointment notices.

Does not send appointment reminders.

It does not save appointment information in the EMR/CRM systems.

Responders might consider it annoying and intrusive.

Have you ever had to repeat the same phrase many times while talking to a virtual assistant? Have you ever felt frustrated and wasted your time repeating the same words?

Call “Alice” and ask her to repeat the phrase or word you said.

That way you will have the opportunity to see how accurate the solution is.


The “Alice” voice assistant provides medical facilities with measurable benefits, such as increased efficiency as well as time and cost savings.

Feel free to use our services to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence for medical services.