With artificial intelligence, you can increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your customers and employees. How is this possible? By using special software that can communicate with users in natural language and perform various tasks for them. Such software is called  Bot, ChatBot and VoiceBot can become your digital assistant or digital employee.

See how your business will change after implementing BOT, ChatBOT and VoiceBOT!

BOT RPA - digital employee

A RPA bot is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that mimics human actions on a computer and performs repetitive actions according to a set scenario. The RPA bot can automate business processes such as:

  • processing documents (e.g. invoices, contracts, reports),
  • entering data into systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, e-commerce),
  • monitoring inventory levels and ordering goods,
  • generating reports and data analysis,
  • sending e-mail or SMS messages to customers or employees.

Thanks to the implementation of Bot4Me:


CHATBOT - digital assistant

ChatBot is a software that conducts conversations with users on a website, mobile app or other communication channels. ChatBot can answer common questions, solve basic problems and help with various tasks. ChatBot can serve customers in various industries and situations, such as:

  • selling products or services (e.g., booking tickets, ordering pizza),
  • after-sales service (e.g., complaints, returns),
  • technical support (e.g., user manuals, troubleshooting),
  • education (e.g., language courses, quizzes).

Thanks to the implementation of ChatBot:

VOICEBOT  - voice assistant / conversational bot

VoiceBot is software that uses speech processing technology to talk to users over the phone or other voice devices. VoiceBot can also support telephone consultants by retrieving data for them and checking information in the system. VoiceBot communicates with users in an extremely smooth and realistic manner in any language of their choice.

It is distinguished by wide availability, quick response search and immediate call response. VoiceBot also works overtime, in the evening, on days off and on holidays, making it the perfect complement to human work.

VoiceBot can act as:

  • an automated receptionist (e.g., take phone calls, make and cancel appointments and visits),
  • an automatic secretary (e.g., accept service requests),
  • automated salesperson (e.g., offer promotions or additional services),
  • automated interviewer (e.g., collect opinions or market data).

Thanks to the implementation of VoiceBot:


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