The software robot (Bot4Me) frees employees from tedious and repetitive implementation
and unpopular tasks. It logs in to internal and external systems around the clock, realizing the entrusted work quickly, flawlessly and efficiently.


Bot4Me records invoices, orders and prepares reports on an ongoing basis. It transfers data between systems in a perfect and smooth manner, allowing for major savings in terms of additional licenses and dedicated system changes.

It handles documents and e-mail boxes in many formats, performs noninvasive integration with ERP and financial and accounting systems. It archives documents, completes registers, and fills in forms. Bot4Me instantly monitors data correctness in the systems and verifies their completeness.

Thanks to the implementation of Bot4Me:


ChatBot (ChatBot 4Me) supports both internal employees, the customer service center, as well as external customers in a foolproof, intuitive and convenient manner. It efficiently answers frequently asked questions of users and instantly solves their basic problems round the clock.

ChatBot 4Me is a computer software that converts a written human conversation into the language of computer software or other digital device in such a way as if a human were communicating with a real person. It communicates with a human being in an extremely fluent and realistic manner in real time and in a number of languages.


VoiceBot (VoiceBot 4Me) is a computer software that uses AI-based speech processing technology. It recognizes and transforms human conversations into the language of computer software or other digital device as if the human were communicating with a real person. It is the perfect support for a telephone consultant. VoiceBot efficiently answers routine repeated questions, thereby providing consultants with time that they can devote to more challenging tasks. The voice assistant can support consultants by replacing them in the search for data and checking the information in the system so that they can provide more efficient service to customers.

It is distinguished by wide availability, quick response search and immediate call response. VoiceBot also works overtime, in the evening, on days off and on holidays, making it the perfect complement to human work.



Communication form

We provide uninterrupted customer and employee service that never sleeps and reacts at any time of day or night.

A great asset of SmartBot 4Me is that it relieves human employees from the obligation to perform simple tasks, thereby providing them with time for solving more complex customer service issues.

In its work, SmartBot 4Me uses complex algorithms in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automatic natural language processing (NLP), thanks to which it can recognize the intentions of his interlocutors. It will accurately answer 70% of simple questions with no human intervention, and in the remaining cases it will redirect the interlocutor to a real person or an available knowledge base.

SmartBot (SmartBot 4Me) is much smarter than the regular software robot, ChatBot and VoiceBot. It offers real time, fluid and true-to-life communication with human beings, in many languages and channels, such as e-mail, telephone or chat, and learns to give more and more appropriate answers. It seamlessly connects to third-party applications, platforms and systems for managing customer or employee relationships, such as CRM.  It is optimized for SEO and has a positive effect on the return on investment (ROI).

SmartBot offers onboarding support from day one and helps the new employee enter the new work environment faster. It also supports in-house training by providing the necessary content and materials in a timely manner. On top of that, it displays helpful content on the support pages.

SmartBot offers timely and relevant answers so as to avoid giving customers a reason to abandon their cart. It takes into account the information from the customer’s profile, the current page opened in the customer’s browser, and the interaction status – returning customer, subscriber, first time visitor. It uses this information to put together a personalized experience that brings the customer closer to making a purchase.